#conditionsfor20days @ Flying Inn

The #paperwork project #conditionsfor20days was part of the group exhibition Flying Inn @ Pragovka Art District 11.4-6-6.2019

Here you can download the DIY version of the project, so you can finish the sentences with your own conditions for a period of 20 days (or however long you like).

Situace 56 – 6/1/2015 – 18:00

Gallery Pavilon, Prague


Situation 56 was a reading of fragmented dialogues and word lists taken from phrase books of various language combinations. Switching between languages, a cross cultural dialogue develops. The texts are built up on the basis of social, cultural and economic norms and expectations for dialogue, carefully prepared by a culturally conscious author in the form of imagined situations. Each language has its own music, setting an aesthetic base for the mirco-narratives, displaced from their original contexts – of which some have also lost their original purpose and meaning over time.